Down the Amazon with Donna

I gotta hand it to ol’ Donna. When she sets her mind to something, she does it. For a little slip of a thing, she seems to have some big ideas about herself. Now take me (and I know you would like to – wink!) as an example; my big ideas about myself are all founded on the reality of my being an incredibly capable undercover agent. Donna’s ideas are founded on, well, Donna thinking, which I’ve never been able to fathom. This new book, though, may well provide the insight that months and months of intensive undercover surveillance failed to reveal. It’s funny as all hell, too. I wish she’d made me laugh this much when she was putting me through hell the first time.

“The Q Affaire” is available now in Ebook and Paperback formats from Amazon, worldwide

Not that I didn’t take Donna seriously for a while, there. She may be small, but she’s worth trying to train. However, too many years of total lack of army discipline from a highly trained and ranked expert like maself had made her run to seed, and favour the laxer disciplines of the Arts, crafts, and general pottering in gardens and twittering about nature, over the grit and gristle of the army life. She became a handful that wouldn’t be handled. Me, I gave up trying to whip her into line, after threats to boot her out in the cold, to fend for herself, against the Chans changelings (who are reminiscent of the Wildlings in Game of Thrones, only without the grey scales, and with added conspiracy theory training) yielded nothing, in terms of obedience.

These days, I let her do her own thing. I’m at a bit of a loose end maself, and find I end up over at her place a lot, sticking on the kettle for more tea, making sure she doesn’t run out of sandwich making materials for a hungry psyOp agent like maself, and I were just sayin’ to her earlier, that I don’t know how she’d of managed without me, for writing that book at all. Six months she were at it, according to what she said today, at her launch thing, and I was an inspiration as well as a tea-maker, during the whole shebang.

Of course, I’ve proved myself as a worthy tea-maker during the internship period while the blockbuster was being written, and managed to work my way up to the extra responsibility of being a moderator on her channel as well. She can’t get rid of me now, in fact, without jeopardizing her whole Op, given that I’ve also joined forces with Mme. Sossostrous, to do future readings, using the ESQ method, on her shop over on Etsy.

ESQ TarotTime Team – Donna, Mme. Soss, an’ me!

It’s pretty nifty, ‘cos I get to decide who’s good and who’s evil, as you know I used to love doing, in my last posting Op. I miss it, but the sandwiches and tea perks are excellent at Donna’s gaff, I must say. You just have to be able to put up with the looks (shudder). She’s let me write one of her Newsletters too, so lookout world. I’m still goin’ a stQrm!

Anyhoo. Fair dues to her. She may make a pig’s ear of a lot of things, but my hat’s off to her for writing and publishing this book. I wrote a very positive review of it, as a launch day surprise, in fact, when I was over hi-Jacking her Goodreads page.

My surprise review for Donna

I know she’ll be thrilled with it.

If the free peek, totally free Kindle Unlimited access, or the free download sample of the Ebook available on Amazon isn’t enough to keep you going, you also get a freebie of her reading the first chapter of Part 2 of “The Q Affaire” biiiiig book, both on her YouTube channel, and her weekly podcast. She’s not a bad ol’ skin like that; I know. I’ve been making sambos for myself for weeks from her fridge, an’ hardly a complaint. Just, as I say, the odd sour look. Or else her face is just made that way. She deserves a good review, or two, from


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    Last week, he was my temp. intern, helping out with the tea making, while I was editing the book, in the evenings. Now it’s hit the Amazon shelves, he’s given himself an upgrade, and let himself into a few of my social media accounts into the bargain. Still, there were some nice surprises, on launch day, including a recorded Q message. He may be a secret agent, but he’s coming out of his shell a lot. This book has done wonders for him, I tell ya!


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