Another Xmas Cracker

Well, hello there, Jack.

Let’s pull open another cracker, since we had such fun last time, and this time there are more answers to get. Like…

Who’s Jack/a858/Q really, and who does he work for?

It took a while to get the answer, after he admitted to me, when confronted with evidence, that he faked his identity as Jack Quinlan, the NSA Q clearance guy, that was the cause of all the politically stormy weather, around the White House, with his posts that pretended to be able to predict things. I tried to stay calm in a storm, because I knew that it was an ARG, even if it was turning a bit nasty for me, what with him threatening me, and on that last cracker of a post I showed you him admitting, when I cornered him, that he was lying about who he was, and what Q was about. But it took me longer to find out his real identity, for sure.

I had well-founded suspicions, and these were confirmed, later on, when he rang me. I didn’t speak to him, the few times he called, as I’m not big on answering phones much, let alone in the middle of the night. I added his number to my contacts, though. He rang from a couple of different numbers, several times, but because I’d added him to my Contacts list, one day, when I clicked on the contact I’d named “Q?” in my Contacts list, further details about the number came up, along with a name. Two, actually, for the same user. The account name, and another, in the Details panel.

Funny Name, isn’t it? What kind of a name has no vowels in it? Try adding vowels though, to get…..

Bloody Nora! you may say. Maccoby does sound rather like the person in question, when you stick in the vowels. Say it three times, and someone even appears, like a ghost in the machine, when you call the Skype number, and there’s an answer, in the Skype chat. Ah, the magic of modern technology!

But, you argue, it’s just a name that sounds like the user name, and may be unrelated! Nope. Nora Maccoby is a pal of Thomas Schoenberger’s, via Robert David Steele (Mr. recently deceased CIA agent, and promoter of conspiracy theories online). Thomas’s other pal, Mindy, AKA Mind Inspired (“Expired” more colloquially, in YouTube and Twitter circles) has Tweeted out that she’s fond of sharing phone numbers with her pal, Nora. and her other pal, Tanya Cornwell, wife of Defamation Lawyer Steven Biss, and she’s a YouTube patron extraordinaire, who bestows bounty, by way of money, to various YouTube channels she likes, many of them ones that work, or have worked, with Thomas Schoenberger.

Because of threats and repeated doxxing by Thomas and pals, I keep my own name private

Thomas, you see, although known as a “handler” of YouTube conspiracy channels, works for Tanya. Quite a cosy little gang, this lot, even if there are constant squabbles in the fam. The disinfo fam extends all the way to InfoWars, where Alex Jones first introduced the ARG character known as Q, with conspiracy figures like Jerome Corsi, the Q “Decoder”, who Q liked to hit up with Emails signed Q, as he did a lot of others, under lots of identities. Like Thomas, who works for Tanya, and got paid by major figures in the Q network, like Lisa Clapier, as well, for his assorted handlings role in “The Great Awakening” on social media accounts. He had hundreds of these, and loves secret comms. Many of those have come to light now, like this one, not his, but Tanya’s, about his role.

See full letter in supplementary files page, here...

Sounds awfully like what was said to me, when I rang “Maggie/mcrbee/Q”, and had a Skype chat:

See full conversation with “Q” in supplementary files page, here……

Well, she ran cover for Thomas, sure, but all roads led back to him, what with Nora’s name coming up, then Mindy blaming Nora for the phone switches they were all a bit fond of doing, for their little Ops on the Tube, like this phone call, Defango tried to blame me for, to stay pals with dear ol’ Tanya, and keep the cash coming in, for promoting conspiracies.

Defango’s Tweet, Showing Tanya’s name on the police report for harassment, but blaming me

Thomas even claimed, when, like “EyeTheSpy”, the Twitter account he sourced the photos from, (thought by many, but not yet, to my knowledge, confirmed to be his own account) for the faked visit to the Pres. on Xmas, covered in my last “drop” , that Tanya had admitted she made a call to the cops about Defango, and then blamed it on me. I reckon it was Mindy, though, doing it for Thomas, since they like to pass the blame parcel along, in their games.

What a close fam, huh? That phone was one of Tanya’s, it turned out, as the screenshot from Defango’s tweet shown above demonstrates, but Mindy admitted publicly, on the Twitter tattler, that they swop numbers, while blaming Nora, even while Defango and pals still blame me for harassing Defango, by making a faked call to the cops. I don’t know Tanya, let alone share phone numbers, but they do, and do.

They try covering each others’ butts, with smokescreens like that one, ‘cos they’ve been up to the shady Q sh8t together, in little teams, in a very well connected and political conspiracy/disinfo network, that goes right to the top, and is nutso all the way up to Flynn, the Q ringleader and organiser of the digital network that went real world, known as Q’s army. You know, the one that Q threatened would release all my personal info on 8Chan, and let them use it for whatever they wanted, which would be what? Well, use your imagination. That’s the idea with these people. To scare the wits out of you, with monstrous threats of QAnons you can’t see thundering after you, who you can’t imagine not following Q orders, but it makes you want to start finding out about who the person threatening you is, and what they’re capable of, to make them think twice about making a habit of it.

These are not nice people, and were major influencers in the genesis and dissemination of the Q movement, and I’m glad I collected evidence of who did what, and gave it to the cops to give to the American authorities, to let them use it for whatever they wanted, too. Those involved in Jan. 6th, 2021, who had been weaponised and organised around the Q ARG, after it went real world, went down for their crimes. These people care nothing for the law, even where some of them are married to lawyers, or working in government. They get nasty, whenever they fall out with the YouTubers they patronise, and work with, regularly. And if you don’t work with them, and just want to present the truth, that busts their disinfo, they’re just as nasty. I had personal experience of that, from Q and friends in the network, as you saw in the last post. This letter from Tanya to someone whose identity I can’t establish, shows some of the network. Hard hitters, and big players, as well as disinfo agents, for political ops. Did you know the hubby knows Flynn? Well, you do now.

Some are still out there, and reinventing themselves, weaponising new conspiracies that follow on from the lies told about Q, and the lies Q told, and trying to control people with the lies, in a kind of mind war that seeks to politically brainwash, and weaponise people to do your bidding, with conspiracy disinfo and pretty often, outright lies they manufacture.

For some of this conspiracy network connections, see this post by blogger JimmysLlama, identity not known, who seems to be pally with Thomas, for the moment. It changes frequently, depending on who plays along with him, or whether they switch “sides” in the games the conspiracists play constantly, to “handle” the leaks that come out, about what they are really at.

It’s really hard to distance yourself from something you wanted to receive accolades for creating, but they reckon they’ll manage it, if they keep flinging the muck around, blaming each other, when they have their frequent spats among them, and blaming independent researchers, when they get in the way. Everyone’s evil, except Q, in the Q world, but I have to say, after personal experience, I found Q pretty evil.

Jack, as Q, threatening me, from last post

This creepy network of pals didn’t manage to get any of their nasty dirt to stick to me, but the trail always led back to them, and it wasn’t very pleasant, what I discovered along the way. Still, I got the dirt on them, in the end, for a cracking post, that revealed that Thomas Schoenberger, is indeed, as many have stated, and I’ve shown as well, Q. He and his digital army pals who helped him, are Qrackers, if they think they can run away from that fact. There are too many other researchers around, who published their evidence, as I have, in my cracking posts.

see supplemental files here…

link back to other Xmas cracker post, and files, here……

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