The Spy Cracker, ARG Agent Jack

Other cracking posts, on the spy with his very own .com NSA address. Most NSA spies aren’t special enough to earn that, but the spy known as “Jack” is!

This is post 7 in a series, showing files related by topic.

Jack is this wanna be top secret Q Dept., down at the ol’ NSA’s, cover name. In other cracking posts we got him to reveal the top secret info that Jack Quinlan isn’t really his name. He “borrowed” it, for use by his sock account, and being a secret spy, down at the ARG agency of conspiracy pushers means you may have to swipe a few photos, and pretend they’re you, as well. So, he did. You also get to be Q, although that turned out to be not as easy a conspiracy to crack open, since all his buddies were inner circle QAnon people, as it emerged. Catch up with the cracked open files, from Agent Emerald’s secret files, released now for the first time, here. Follow the links. Think of them as a helpful White Rabbit, that won’t bring you down the wrong rabbit hole, but will help you find your way out, if you’re slightly lost.

a858 is a moderator on a puzzle board, on Reddit. He’s also a pretty nasty character; initially charming, until he falls out with someone, then it’s threats all the way from there, and deception waaaay before that. I’ve written posts before, about this guy, and who his pals are, but now I’m showing all the files, from our top secret comms., when we were a thing. You see, he took a shine to me, as they say ’round where I’m from, and proceeded to chat me up. He had some very odd things to say, and here are some of the revelations about what they were, from my files.

  1. Claimed he was a soldier (in the foreign legion at 17, then British Commandos, then US Navy, hilariously), and I was putting his life in danger by revealing his real name (which he had admitted wasn’t, see earlier cracker posts). He wasn’t what you’d call consistent, except as a LARPer.

Admittedly, he was trying to keep me interested in his larp, by going big, as he had before with the Q thing, and the photos from the White House deception, from his meeting with the president (covered in earlier cracker), and he really, really wanted me to shut up about all the deception he was doing with Q ARGs. Well, a woman you’ve threatened you and the Qarmy are coming after (also covered in the earlier cracker posts), isn’t about to shut up about it, if she’s any sense. Why be fearful of a sad little larp like his? It was both silly, and pathetic. I accept that it was a psyop, as he claimed, though.

See 2 posts about these photos, here.

I didn’t know who the guy was that “Jack” was saying was him, in Twitter DMs and Emails to me, to impress me with his handsome looks, as well as his tall tales of derring-do and heroism, as a psyop soldier boy in Afghanistan, back at the same time as the actual guy in the photo had been hired as an embedded journalist, before he died, just a couple of months before “Jack” gave me the photos in DM, saying they were of him. When it was discovered they weren’t, and before, even, when the White House photos were demonstrated to have been one of his fantasies he decided to try out on me, he turned quite nasty, but above, you can see him putting the pressure on, to take the photos down, saying he’d get killed over it. You know, in the field of battle, and all that.

This one’s typical of the sort of thing he sent me, so I’m guessing this isn’t him either, but he said it was. Donno who these two men are. I know the earlier one he gave me, in Twitter DMs, shown on the right, is taken at Lympstone commando training centre, in Wales, and he says the other one, in the Email is from a training session in Wales as well. Who knows who these are, though? More deception, I expect. I expect nothing but deception from him, based on my experience of knowing him.

More nutty stuff, below, that was shown in part, in the video above. Yeah. King Arthur. Berets. Top secret. Urgent. Riiiight. No wonder he was always moving to safe locations. I’m not sure whether he had to leave the couch to travel there, though.

Speaking of which, this was supposed to be the armchair traveller’s couch. Nice and floral, and unthreatening looking, isn’t it? Nothing says danger about florals, or Lladro figurines, really. He has one of those, to go with the couch, or somethin’. Llado doesn’t go with anything, I reckon. This was supposed to be his barracks, though. Don’t laugh. Well, OK, do if you like. Not sure if the plant is a fake, like him, or real, like a plant.

But he talked dangerous talk, too. This fantasy was about a YouTuber he didn’t like. I found it pretty chilling, and he had depths of rage, with violent fantasies, which I hoped fervently would just stay fantasies, and not get acted out on. He’s one of those guys that can be terribly charming in company, but quite beastly, when off to the side, where nobody can see what he’s really like. I got the picture, though, after a few months, when he started loosening up, and showing his nastier side.

One thing’s true, his claim of being a covert psyOp agent. Lots of 8Chan Q insiders know exactly who he is. This, Tweeted out yesterday, from his buddy, Janon, the 8Chan cat, lilToots, who is also pals with Babyfist of the Tora3 network, owned by Jim Watkins, Q board owner. Janon’s also pals with Thomas Schoenberger, who a858 “Jack” co-ordinated a harassment and smear campaign online with, when my blogpost was published. That’s when the threats started, ‘cos they love their Qops, and don’t want no girly girl gettin’ in the way of that. No matter how adorable and smart she is (ahem, more of that on “The Spy That Loved Me”, where there’ll be more romantic scoops that will disabuse the abusive of more of their lies).

Janon, and some of his pals like Babyfist, who appears to know his identity, and when asked who it was, recently, said “I protect my friends” (see earlier cracker post) are covering for a858/”Jack”, which is pretty rotten, considering he threatened to dox and hurt little ol’ me, a teensy, defenseless female. Well, I am a Black Belt, but you get the idea.

Then there are the females who cover for him, like Mindy, who he greets from the same room, in this Tweet, of a photo he once gave me, I would imagine to taunt me that he could stay hidden, behind his sock accounts, after the threats, with no consequences for making them, and with his friends trying to continue to intimidate me, doxing me regularly, while he hid.

He told me once that the letters J K stood for Jack and Kathy, a childhood sweetheart, but I know he was fond of giving “information puzzles”, so I suspect it stands for something else, that has the initials JK. That would fit in with his friends, but, you know me, I’m not one to jump to conclusions, about collusions, so I’ll let you figure out that one, or not, yourselves. Thomas Schoenberger once Tweeted about staying in a Jack and Kathy’s house, so it’s all rather odd, but confusing. As I’m sure they want it to be, as sock account for a858 “Jack” was so into his privacy, and all that. Not so much other peoples’, and Thomas is particularly well known for having little doxxing sessions, on Twitter, with pals. Haven’t seen this account do that, though.

“Z”/Kryptos Journal
currently works with Thomas Schoenberger on puzzles etc.

Here’s Kathy, by the way. Goodness knows if that this child’s real name, or not. I’ve blanked her face out, here, just in case, and put text on it, so nobody can use it for anything creepy online. He claimed too, that this was the age she was when he last saw her, so, the mind boggles, and the small elephant friend that was like a little boy in personality was slightly unsettling, in conjunction to this. I didn’t mind the elephant, but the child obsession creeped me out a bit, I have to say.

I kinda hope it’s a cover for the use of the initial K, on the living room wall. He knows a cryptography guy, with a company that uses the initials KJ, so maybe that’s what it really stands for. Or maybe he’s pretending to be him, as he used his YouTube channel art on his avatar once. I just don’t know. It didn’t come across as exactly normal, but few things about “Jack” did.

You get the idea. He was weird, threatening, and from observation his actions, and the pals that were covering for him, I would definitely be able to say that some of them aren’t decent people, and that they’re covering for a very nasty man, indeed, with some very nasty ideas, about what he wanted to happen to me. Shame, in a way, that he is so charming, when you first meet him. You don’t see what’s coming. If the kind of behaviour I’ve shown on this post, from “Jack”, and that below, from “Jack” and Thomas is what patriotism is about, you can keep it. It’s just low.

Threat made after I discovered his White House photos were fake.
[Much later he admitted to being the Hugh character later, and explained the joke
in the name. Figuring doxing is as funny as threatening people with Q’s army coming after them, I suppos
Threat made the night we had the White House photos conversation in DMs (covered in earlier cracker post).
Thomas Schoenberger’s smear/harassment campaign, made on my blog, under the post about a858, (still there to see)

Next cracker should be a little lighter, as there’ll be romance in the air, in the next drop, with Captain a858, who could perhaps earn a promotion, down the boards, to Sgt., if he plays his cards right. I don’t feel he’s worth saluting, personally, though.

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