Cracker 8 – The Spy That Loved Me

8 is one of a858 “Jack”‘s fave numbers, as you can see.

Screenshot Xmas2019
(with video 88 reference by a Cicada member, who gets the joke)

it’s an illumin-aughty code for actual horrible histories that people joke about, in Discordian circles. Some aren’t even joking. Jack liked joking about, when he wasn’t being horrible, and could be loving, when in an expansive mood. He never stopped with the smear campaign, though, and even lied about numbers. He claimed his birthday was [8/8/80], and I believed that to be another lie. His pals continue to support his lies, and try to undermine me. Truth has a way of coming out, though, particularly if you’re not one to be intimidated easily, by smear campaigns, and threats.

Still trying to paper over his lies that I exposed, with assistance from his pals

He made a plonker of himself though, since he was quite clearly smitten with my charms, and I kept the proof, since he was determined to engage in a smear campaign with Thomas Schoenberger, Janon and pals, to later discredit my journalistic investigations into who he was, and what he was up to, with his pals.

All for a dangerous ARG larp that went real world, on Jan6th

I didn’t ever believe he was 38, or looked like the photos of terribly glamorous Mr. Nichols, to start with. I’m gorgeous, in my own way, but don’t have that kind of luck, to get off with (as we say in Ireland) a very intelligent young man who looks like a movie star, and has a super-exciting derring-do lifestyle as well. I’m a realist. He’s not, and wasn’t the man he claimed, as it turned out, but he did love me, according to himself, and I did love him, so we found it hard to part. There were numerous attempts to get me back in contact with him, after I’d blocked him on Twitter, the night before Valentine’s Day, thinking I just couldn’t face another argument with him, about all the lies and drama on YouTube, from his favourite channel. He wasn’t blocked in my Email yet, and I don’t think he’d realised on Valentine’s Day morning he was blocked somehow, as his first tack was this:

After that, it got weirder. I wouldn’t unblock him, because, frankly, I needed to be alone, to get my head together about all his messin’, so he tried a few different approaches, including pretending to be his concerned son (shown on earlier cracker).

I did feel bad for him, actually, but I knew him so well that I knew he’d start another fight if I talked to him, and I didn’t fancy having Valentine’s Day ruined, the way he’d set out to ruin many other days, where he’d start out fine, then look for something to pick a fight about, and make up something, if things were too peaceful for him. I also believe he was using these Emails as a weapon to manipulate me, to mess me around more, in the ol’ psyops on YouTubers department he worked in. Here he was, trying to get me to talk to Thomas’s main account, since he was so wonderful, and all. Since Thomas had my Email by then, “hacked”, according to “Jack”, I thought, personally, that he was trying to get Thomas into a position to chat me up, to white knight against the evil “Jack” person, that he was insisting he definitely wasn’t. They kept saying they’re two different people, even if Thomas reads his mind and sees through his eyes. Riiiight so.

I used to ask Jack if he’d like his list of complaints about me laminated, as he used to list all the things I’d done to him, every time he got cranky, and a lot of them were constructs in his own vivid imaginations. He was paranoid about me teaming up with his enemies, which were Thomas’s, which, strangely for a guy that said he wasn’t on social media at all (8Chan and Twitter, and YouTube don’t count, apparently), seemed to all be YouTubers.

Now one YouTuber he was very, very fond of. This one, who many know as “The Tooth”, who he later admitted he’d been writing to, before eventually admitting he’d given her a sizeable amount of money. Coincidently, much later on, in a video, she also admitted she used to get around that amount every month, from the QAnons, as she called them, to the social worker she was chatting to about it, during a livestream, in 2021.

This was news to me, and I wasn’t keen, since this YouTuber thought I’d been in a murder gang that killed her daughter. I didn’t want “Jack” palling about with her at all, telling her goodness knows what, or giving her my Email address, or any information about me at all, since I knew she’d use it for harassment (she’s since had her channel shut down for repeated harassment and bullying, using the same murder accusations on a variety of people). She eventually got it, after “Jack” claimed to be hacked, and she obtained my Email address, immediately, as did Thomas Schoenberger. They all wanted to chat about this and that.

He managed to get me talking to him again, after Valentine’s Day efforts, though, using a few different strategies, like pretending to be his concerned son (shown in earlier cracker), which worked, and cosied up to me, via Emails, and numerous sock accounts on my channel, for the next few months, still trying to work the ol’ magic on me. He had a silver tongue, but a forked one, still, and the lies continued, along with the woo. It took me a while to confirm that he was still cosying up to the YouTuber that had been harassing me since 2018, when she decided to call me a murderous terrorist, out to kill American children.

I really don’t like looking through old lovey dovey Emails, but if a guy is gonna pay someone on YouTube to continue slandering and harassing you, then claim you’re the one who harassed him, then make up more lies saying he didn’t have a love relationship with me at all, nor threaten me at all, then I’m obviously going to correct the lies, to set the record straight, as I don’t like my journalistic or personal integrity being slandered.

Jack and pals doing their Q psyop in my comments, in 2018, to persuade me he’s Q

Nobody can accuse me, as they have been continuously doing, from his pals brigade side of the harassment campaign, of not showing evidence that he was in fact the liar, not myself. They can only continue to pretend they haven’t seen it. That’s more difficult now, since I’ve put out more. This harassment was done to protect his likkle Q psyop, and keep it going, and to try to paint me the liar, to discredit the facts that my research revealed. She was being paid for harassing myself, and others.

(the NSA sure get hacked a lot)

This is no surprise, these days, as more evidence has come out about the extent of it. Like this one, someone Tweeted, showing Emails that went out to another channel that Thomas Schoenberger regularly scripted, which targeted people who weren’t doing what he wanted, when he wanted. I was one of the main targets on that channel, as well, since I wouldn’t befriend the channel or anyone in chat, being suspicious since he’d arrived from nowhere, to suddenly start doing a show, revolving mainly around the one toothed YouTuber Jack was so keen on funding, who later became pals with Thomas, after many falling outs. I never did, although Thomas, when he got my Email address, put a lot of work into trying to kiss up to me, in Emails, after threatening me, then promising peace. Several weeks, before I told him to shove off, and I didn’t want to hear dirt about his enemies, and blocked him. Pretty much the same thing he does with everyone he Emails, unless they’re doing little deals with him, like the Tooth was, and the Jack sock was.

It went on for several years, and I wasn’t the only one targeted by them. It was stressful, but I’ve found that having the proof of what they did is a huge help, in keeping them off my back. They know now I’m not a person who runs away, when someone tells lies, or tries to harass them into staying quiet about what they’re at, behind the scenes. It just cheeses me off, and makes me want to show more evidence, of what it’s about.

It’s a network of harassment, basically, and they are not only in the business of psyops like Q, but also about trying to stop their activities being known about. They change their stories’ elements, and create little fights from time to time, to keep everyone guessing about what they’re really up to, but it became obvious quite some time ago, and it’s not good.

Yeah, the end of that affaire turned out pretty nasty

Still, although I don’t agree that all’s fair in love and war, for this lot, perhaps it’s just all in a day’s business. Certainly looks like it, to me. I may not have a digital army behind me, but someone else once said that the truth stands on its own. It can stand, sure, but usually has to overwhelm the lies, to be believed. That I can’t do, but I can show what I’ve got, and what they’ve not got. Proof of what I say.

previous cracking posts


Jack” has managed to wangle his way into the opposite “team, and they continue the harassment campaign on me, together, here, based on “Jack”&Thomas lies. (2ndJan.,21).

Yeah. Losers. The larp they’re so keen on keeping up is dead as a dodo by now. They killed it themselves, with their lies.

Bonus Update:

They’ve managed to get this rich guy, an InfoWars network and extremely generous Republican party donor, to go after me now, with the same doxxing of private details, coordinating with them, on social media, for their conspurturd followers, and using smears and threats, to attempt to discredit my research, and personally encourage cyber-stalking of me, on social media, by trying to popularise the use of my private legal name, online, which I don’t use anywhere, in writing or anything else I do, like art. It’s considered the lowest rung to dox peoples’ private details online, and is a sign of desperation, on their part, trying to silence me about their activities. It’s doomed to failure, like all the earlier efforts.

This is supposed to put me in fear of Qturds harassing me, like “Jack” the Qturd threatened, I suppose. He’s a pal of Defango’s, like the Davis’s above (they use their own names online, Jesse and Paula Davis, and give us far too much info about their personal lives and opinions, for my taste, too, but up to them, really, and they want publicity, for his political activism, so, fair enough), and of all the Qpoo conspurisyturd larping, as well, which can be awfully profitable, for grifting off, so I wasn’t terribly surprised he turned up on their show, then joined in the fun and games. The Jesse Davis guy clearly has aspirations to take his political activism to new heights, in the conspuracy community, trying to break into the “influencer” scene, with help from powerful and rich higher ups in it. They try to silence anyone independent, that they see as a threat to their narratives, and larps. It’s a circus. Enjoy the show, but don’t take it seriously, or you’ll end up as nuts as they are.

Hot off the larpers’ network press: No idea if this next thing’s true, because Thomas likes telling fibs, and life’s too short to investigate every narrative they put out, but I wouldn’t be surprised if all these connected people have other connections, even worse than the ones we know about, which are right up at top levels, in US political conspuriturd circles. This is one of Thomas’s active accounts, at the moment. Best avoid talking to any of these people. They think they’re the heavies, don’t have any moral compass to steer by, and don’t know they’re just clowns, to ordinary people.

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