Fourth Cracker – Come in, 4 and 5. Can you hear me?

To full files for Third Cracker

In Xmas cracker number 3 we saw how Jack/a858 couldn’t be a pilot, as claimed recently by his buddies, based on his avatar pics, just after my earlier posts, where we learned he wasn’t called Jack either, and they wanted to cover his butt. Or sometimes, Maggie. Yeah, he claims to be female, sometimes, to throw people off the scent, but Agent Emerald was on the case, and found out who that was too. His boss, and the evidence is filed away neatly in the Third cracker of a post. The name that came up led back, unsurprising, to Thomas Schoenberger’s circle of conspiracy influencers, and linked directly to Thomas himself.

Well, this Cracker is quite a cracker, literally, ‘cos Agent Emerald obtained the voice files of the slippery guy that likes threatening people, and changing his identity regularly, and it’s a scream. Here’s the short intro vid, then the video containing the sound file (screenshots included in it, are also provided, from Agent Emeralds secret cabinet of files, below the videos.

(Fourth cracker of a vid)
Fifth Cracker, with Cracker Jack (voice files)

There’s is another voice file, provided by a858, uploaded for Agent Emerald, in one of his top secret, high level Q clearance channels, given to persuade her that he wasn’t Thomas Schoenberger, and to continue the woo, with the devastatingly magnetic Agent Emerald, who he was rather keen on giving secret comms to. Like this one:

from DMs with Agent Emerald. Yeah, the name he chose for himself was filled with meaning, and it’s a shock when you find out what it means. Well, he was keen on threats to kill people, and did say he was Q, so……

This threat was not made to me, like the ones I showed in the earlier cracking posts, but to a YouTuber who was doing some Q related content at the time, who told him she didn’t want any of his comms., and didn’t want to cover Q the way he wanted her to. I know myself he’s a guy that doesn’t take no easily, but this is still a shocker. Brace yourself, as Q would say, for the pain of reading this sick fantasy he had, about killing her, also from the DMs with me.

Here’s the full screenshot, from Jan 2nd, 2019.

Yeah, the brain damage thing again. Although he told a lot of lies, and that seems to be one that a lot of people in the circle tell (I’ll do another cracker on that soon) I’d be tempted to believe there’s something not the full shilling, if you get my drift, with a858, Q, Jack, Maggie, or whoever else he’s calling himself, in various places.

Well, hey, a lot of us have imaginary friends, even if we don’t have any brain damage, as he claims to (like Thomas) but the fact he’s very keen on covering Thomas’s behind is relevant, since now he’s pretending to be mortal enemies, in a last ditch effort to disassociate Thomas from the a858 account. Hard to do, when you were co-ordinating attacks with him, via Twitter, where Thomas was often his first follower. This one, from the video above.

Mr. Heartbreaker there is a Jack account. Thomas in the others. Screenshots at centre of the image are from DMs, to me, in the same account, made at Xmas, when I called him on the lies about the White House photos, and he admitted he lied about everything, and was a “loser”.
We saw in an earlier cracker Email, how “heartbroken” he said he was himself, as he begged to be unblocked, on Valentine’s Day, 2019. Agent Emerald’s heart is clearly made of sterner material than he would like to persuade folks on Twitter, even if he wishes to come across as a bit of a rakish lothario, to impress the mod boys down at the a858 club. He’s laughable, to women, as most women find liars who threaten them repulsive. I would think normal men find that repulsive too. Next cracker of a post will cover the secret agent larpage, in this nasty ARG the network of bad actors play, and give even more real info, on those behind pushing the disinfo. Let’s go out on a laugh, first, as there’s always something funny in a cracker. Like this, posted under the top secret voice file, from a858’s YouTube channel. Still trying to do the Q woo, with some flowery language, and the offer of a voice to hang his character on.

Another cracker soon.