Third Cracker

a858 account has his pals insisting he’s a pilot now. You know, airplanes.

We had two earlier crackers to bust open; the first one, which he admitted he was a lying about photos he’d said he took at the White House, at an Xmas Eve meeting with the Pres.

See First Cracker files popped open here.

The second cracker was a real hoot, because I had his special Q phone number pop up in my Skype, and this user name popped up, which revealed both who he was, and who his boss was.

If you want to open cracker number 2, to see who the boss is, it’s here.

But, now it’s time for cracker number three, and it’s a scream. No really, it’s pretty crazy stuff, what a858 expects people to believe. When he’s in a tight corner, and under pressure, he pretends he’s not him, and throws more fantasy at it. Like his pals, who turned up to say he’s not just running the a858 address, and puzzle board, but he’s a pilot as well. OK, so first Q, then just a nobody, a loser without a laptop, or internet, according to himself, and now a pilot as well. Riiiiiiiiight. Let’s have a little lookie, and see, shall we? Some crackers here.

What? poor ting was in hospital for a whole year as a kid, he told me. For what, I asked him? He gave me a story, of course, in Twitter DMs, but just said it was something he didn’t want to talk about much. He did, however, Email me with mention of it, and the Email confirms what he used to tell me, that he’d a brain injury. There was a lot more to the DMs than this Email, ‘cos it was related to him being able to download genius maths things, and whatnot, at lightening speed, you see, ‘cos brain got injured, you know? No, I don’t know how that works either. It’s a bit, well, bloody silly, isn’t it, and sounds like another one of his tall tales. Here’s the Email with the brain injury claim, though.

Erm, would that not wreck one’s chances of being a pilot, as Thomas and Babyfist are now making efforts to claim? I certainly would have thought it a bit risky, if the ol’ Captain of the ship in the sky hasn’t got all engines fully functioning, if you get me? I wouldn’t mention this Email, but it’s rather relevant to the psych. evaluation pilots would do, as well as the brain injury, I would have thought. Indigo is his imaginary friend, a small purple elephant that dresses up in nice outfits, and behaves like a small child. Just in case you’re wondering. Not that that’s as relevant. Although………..

Even the suicide thing seemed to be a ploy, as it was used later, to try to get himself unblocked by me, with new accounts created, including one pretending to be his son, calling itself James,(which was reused later by Thomas’s pal, Janon, before a game23 larper got it), as well as using a foul mouthed witch YouTuber he was keen on, who used to read Tarot in a darkened room, and admitted at one point she worked for Thomas, all claiming they were worried about Jack doing something to himself, trying to panic me that he might, to get me to unblock him.

Then, what with all the confusion about who he is, and everything, and the tendency to make threats, and hang out on multiple Twitter accounts, and create puzzles too, how does he even find the time to do all this important pilot stuff? Doesn’t strike me as the pilot type, with all those, erm, different, types of abilities. He got confused about his identity again, here, when he pretended to be someone else, so he could say to leave him alone ‘cos he’s a bit, em, lets just say, confined to barracks, shall we, since he’s supposed to be pretending to be a military type pilot, and all that? I mean, I don’t want to be insensitive, or anything, to people who are genuinely as nutty as a858 is.

He did write back quickly, after I told him to stop being such a dose, and he fessed up. Actually got an apology. Pity that doesn’t mean he doesn’t do it again. He doesn’t know how not to lie, this guy. Anyone that knows who he is, knows that about him, I’m sure.

It did make me laugh, despite myself, ‘cos it was so very silly, the whole attempt to extract Thomas from the blame for a858 madness, but it does prove the point, rather, that this self-proclaimed loser wouldn’t be someone you’d trust to fly a plane, even if they do want him for their puzzle, which seems to be a NSA. com type of puzzle, rather than an actual NSA. gov real deal, judging from this Email, he sent me.

Moral of the story. Having a picture of a helicopter or plane in your Twitter profile, and telling people you’re a pilot, doesn’t make you one. Well, maybe in a Walter Mitty way, but not in the real world, no more than it makes you Jack Quinlan or Tristan Nichols, even if you are a Q team inner circle guy, and the a858 moderator. However, a few stock images don’t actually make the man in the picture, the man.

Link to all three cracking posts

Next time: Wouldn’t you like to know what Q sounds like? That lilting Irish accent that his pals say he has, ‘cos he’s Irish, according to himself, and them? He he. See what you think yourself, next time, when I show you the video he swears up and down is his, that he oh so kindly gave me, to persuade me it is him, and you’ll get to hear his melodic tones then. Won’t that be fun? A fourth cracker is due, so, very soon.

Fourth cracker, and a fifth, out now, with secret a858 voice files. You lucky tings, you.